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5 June, 2024

June 5, World Environment Day – A Call for Radical Transformation in Times of Crisis

Let’s overhaul the neoliberal economic system to eradicate exploitation and build a more equitable, safe, and harmonious future!

30 May, 2024

Stop the genocide, cut all ties! – Newsletter In Movement 5 (2024)

We call on you to join us in fighting together for the end of the genocide of the Palestinian people; learn more about environmental crisis, IPA youth meeting, and more.

29 May, 2024


The people of the world will hold their governments accountable and demand that they must cut political, diplomatic, economic and cultural ties with Zionism.

1 May, 2024

Workers of the World Unite Against Genocide in Palestine

Workers of the world will not labor in the name of a Palestinian genocide. To date, more than 30 000 people have been murdered in Gaza by the brutal Israeli regime with the support of the United States. This genocide must be stopped.

24 April, 2024

Students will not be stopped! Palestine will be free!

We call on all progressive and revolutionary forces to join in solidarity with the students and the Palestinian people resisting on the frontlines

23 April, 2024

Declaration of the Youth Gathering of the IPA

Let us carry out our historic responsibility to end imperialism in our lifetime. We have a world to win!

17 April, 2024

Our martyrs continue to be present in our struggles – Newsletter In Movement 4 (2024)

This month, we invite you to join the international struggles of the International Day of Peasant Struggle and Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, both commemorated on April 17th.

17 April, 2024

Palestinian Prisoners’ Day is a national and international occasion

From the womb of suffering, emerged the towering figures of courage that refuse to live under oppression and subjugation; they are the male and female prisoners in the jails of occupation; they rebelled against injustice and refused to bow down. Words fail to describe their suffering and steadfastness. They are the pulse of heroism and the anthem of dignity.

19 March, 2024

Strengthening the Struggle on Palestinian Land Day – Newsletter In Movement 3 (2024)

We make a global call for mobilization on March 30th, Palestinian Land Day. See you on the streets and social media!

8 March, 2024

March 8: Defending the Lives and Territory of Palestinian Women

This March 8, we joined Capire, Utopix, and ALBA Movimientos in an artistic action featuring 44 posters from 17 countries in defense of Palestine.