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IPA Brigade in Cuba

Youth Delegation from the US visits Cuba for May 1st Celebrations

The delegation organized by the International People’s Assembly will meet with ordinary people, scientists, artists, labor, LGBTQ, community and anti-racists activists

Peasant Struggles

April 17th: International Day of Peasant Struggles

On this day we remember the 1996 massacre of Eldorado dos Carajás in Brazil during a march led by MST

Free Julian Assange

Progressive leaders call on US President Biden to drop the charges against Assange

On the third anniversary of Assange’s imprisonment, progressive voices including Dilma Rousseff, and Roger Waters, call on US officials to drop the charges against him

Palestinian People


A call for solidarity with the Palestinian people in commemoration of Land Day

March 30, 2022 marks the 46th anniversary of the historic anti-colonial struggles waged by the Palestinian people

International Peoples’ Assembly holds political education course on NATO & Peace

IPA is organizing a course NATO vs. Peace to address the central questions facing the left when understanding Ukraine


Ayanda Ngila: Martyr in the struggle for land, dignity, freedom and socialism

Community leader Ayanda Ngila, of the Abahlali baseMjondolo in South Africa, was assassinated after a series of persecutions and violence

People's Feminism 8M 2022

People’s Feminism – #8M Campaign

The struggle against imperialism, against racism, colonialism and capitalism cannot be waged without the struggle against patriarchy

Free Assange

Julian Assange must be free!

As the IPA we are alert and fighting for Assange’s freedom, in defense of the truth and against imperialism

Hugo Chávez, comandante de la Revolución Bolivariana

We celebrate February 4: Day of National Dignity in Venezuela

Venezuela commemorates the anniversary of the civil-military rebellion known as 4F, commanded by Hugo Chávez

Free Julian Assange! We stand against his extradition to the United States

From the IPA we strongly reject the decision by the British court to allow the extradition of journalist Julian Assange to the United States

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