Coordinating Committee

Leadership body for discussing political orientation, organizational strategy and generating debates. It is representative of the political organizations and peoples movements from all five continents that work at the local, national and regional levels.

NUMSA (National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa)Sub-Saharan AfricaSouth Africa
SMG (Socialist Movement of Ghana)Sub-Saharan AfricaGhana
Socialist Party – ZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaZambia
SRWP (Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party)Sub-Saharan AfricaSouth Africa
ALBA MovementsLatin America
CTC (Workers’ Central Union of Cuba)Latin AmericaCuba
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial CenterLatin AmericaCuba
CUC (Committee for Peasant Unity)Latin AmericaGuatemala
FFM (Francisco de Miranda Front)Latin AmericaVenezuela
Patria Grande FrontLatin AmericaArgentina
MST (Landless Rural Workers’ Movement)Latin AmericaBrazil
CodePink: Women for PeaceNorth AmericaUSA
PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation)North AmericaUSA
PEP (Popular Education Project)North AmericaUSA
Democratic WayMaghreb/MENAMorocco
Moroccan Human Rights AssociationMaghreb/MENAMorocco
Palestinan People’s PartyMaghreb/MENAPalestine
Workers’ Party of TunisiaMaghreb/MENATunisia
Nari Mukti Sangsad (Bangladesh Women’s Liberation Council)AsiaBangladesh
Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Socialist)AsiaNepal
Workers’ Party of BangladeshAsiaBangladesh
PCE (Communist Party of Spain)EuropeSpanish state
Potere al Popolo! (Power to the People)EuropeItaly