Get to know the IPA and its process

Newsletter ‘In Movement’ 1 (2024)

Internationalist greetings! This is the first edition of the 2024 International Peoples’ Assembly (IPA) Newsletter In Movement. We start the year by inviting you to get to know and support our process of coordination, mass mobilizations, solidarity among peoples, and anti-imperialist struggles

The IPA has its roots in a long path of building common struggles, political identity, programmatic unity, and trust among popular movements, trade unions, political parties, and social organizations worldwide. An important milestone in this history is the Dilemmas of Humanity process.

The Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) convened two major conferences in Brazil that were pioneers in addressing the Dilemmas of Humanity at an international level. The first took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2004, where the global crisis was analyzed, and a dialogue between peoples was proposed. The Second Dilemmas of Humanity Seminar was held in São Paulo in 2015, serving as an international framework to define common strategies raised by popular movements and political organizations internationally.

In this second meeting, the IPA took shape, bringing together over 200 political organizations, popular movements, parties, unions, and collectives organized in six regions of political action: Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Arab Maghreb, Asia, and Europe. Get to know some of the organizations that are part of our Coordinating Committee.

As part of this process, three projects were developed in a partnership with the IPA: the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research, which produces knowledge from a popular and emancipatory perspective; the Internationalist Collective for Political Education, which brings together political education schools from around the world; and the International People’s Media Network, in which media from different countries and the international outlet People’s Dispatch participate.

Our international process is dedicated to promoting anti-imperialist mass struggles, campaigns of solidarity among peoples, and a path of unity and emancipation toward socialism. Our Political Platform is the central document that presents what the IPA is and what we defend and build, developed through fraternal and systematic debate among the organizations that are part of our process.

An important step in strengthening the IPA occurred in Johannesburg, South Africa last October, where we celebrated the III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference, where we reaffirmed that ‘Socialism is an achievable necessity.’ More than 500 leaders, activists, and intellectuals participated in this meeting, representing 130 organizations from 75 countries. In 2024, we will continue these debates and mass actions, building hope through people’s organization, justice, solidarity, and equality.

We invite you to support our process, struggles, and campaigns, such as defense and solidarity with Palestine, Let Cuba Live, and Free Julian Assange, among others.

To know more about our updates, mobilizations, and activities, follow our profiles on social media and share our content and messages.

We wish you a 2024 full of struggles, victories, and hope!


March on Washington for Gaza | On Saturday, January 13, 2024, huge numbers of people will gather from all across the United States in Washington, D.C., for the National March for Gaza. This mass mobilization was initiated by the American Muslim Task Force for Palestine, which includes many of the most significant Muslim-American organizations, and more than 230 organizations from across the country are endorsing the initiative, such as Answer Coalition, The People’s Forum, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. The Biden administration is a full participant in the genocide against the Palestinian people, supplying the bombs and bullets used to murder hundreds every day. We need to raise our voices for a free Palestine!

May the futile infighting among the generals in Sudan come to a halt | The Sudanese people, whose revolution faced a military coup on October 25, 2021, are living in tragic conditions on all fronts. The situation has worsened since the outbreak of the war on April 15, 2023, between the Sudanese army led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the Rapid Support Forces led by General Hemeti. This war targeted the security and stability of the Sudanese citizens, killing thousands of innocent people and displacing over 7.2 million individuals. The Arab-Maghreb Women’s Group of the International Peoples’ Assembly follows with great concern what is happening in Sudan, especially with the increasing reports of systematic violations against Sudanese women, including physical and sexual violence, abduction, and rape, amid media blackout and under threat. We demand an immediate cessation of fighting between the military factions, and we urge all progressive forces and peace advocates to support the Sudanese revolution and expose all imperialist interventions in the affairs of the Sudanese people. Read the full statement.

Free Khalida Jarrar | Khalida Jarrar, a Palestinian revolutionary and a key leader of the Palestinian Left, was arbitrarily detained in the West Bank last December 26th in a large-scale operation by the Israeli government aimed at detaining members of the Palestinian society. This isn’t the first time Jarrar has been taken into custody by Israeli forces. In 2015, her detention without specific charges or a trial attracted worldwide attention. Again, in 2021, during a separate period of detention, her plea to attend her daughter Suha’s funeral was rejected just two months before her eventual release. As Israel continues its genocidal military campaign in Gaza with full support from the United States Government, more than 4,695 Palestinians have been imprisoned since October. We demand the immediate liberation of Khalida Jarrar and all Palestinian political prisoners.


Peoples Dispatch

International pressure increases on Israel as it continues committing genocide in Gaza

South Africa’s ICJ case against Israel has received widespread support as it faces increased criticism for its genocidal war on Palestine.


Unifying the Palestinian internal arena is the decisive element to end Israeli aggression, says the leader of the Palestinian People’s Party

In an exclusive interview with Madaar, Bassam Al-Salhi stressed that ‘the most difficult task now is to mobilize regionally and internationally to make the Palestinian issue an entry point to a solution.’

ARG Medios

Argentina: Average wage estimated to have fallen 15% since Milei took office a month ago

At this rate, the wage loss is projected to surpass that of the entire government of his predecessor, Alberto Fernandez, within a few weeks.

Brasil de Fato

MST sent 13 tons of food to Gaza; the goal is to donate 100,000 kilos of food

Between October and November, Brazilian Air Force airplanes sent food produced by the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) to Palestinian families.

Peoples Dispatch

Ghana’s mineral wealth: A blessing or a curse? Examining the lithium mining lease agreement

In October, the Ghanaian government signed a lithium mining agreement with an Australian company, which has been widely rejected by broad sectors of society.

Dongsheng News

Chinese Perspectives on Twenty-First Century Socialism

Read the fourth issue of the Wenhua Zongheng, a quarterly journal of Chinese thought.


Culture as a Weapon of Struggle: The Medu Art Ensemble and Southern African Liberation

This dossier discusses the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, highlighting the role of the Medu Art Ensemble (1979-1985) in mobilizing cultural workers and the people inside and outside the country.

We Need to Reverse the Culture of Decay and March on the Street for a Culture of Humanity: The First Newsletter (2024)

Neither of the horrible wars and events of 2023 have stopped millions of people around the world from taking to the streets to transform sorrow and anger into collective strength.