Solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party, total condemnation of the vandalistic acts by the Rapid Support Forces

Total condemnation to the vandalistic acts against the SCP, all of our solidarity with the revolution of the Sudanese people and their struggle for Peace, Democracy and Sovereignty

On Thursday May 25th, 2023, the military groups of the Rapid Support Forces broke into the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party in the capital Khartoum where they devastated the properties of the offices, robbed its belongings, and confiscated the premises.

This assault comes amid the continuing war between the military factions of the old regime “Sudanese Armed Forces” and “Rapid Support forces” who have been, for two months, engaged in a bloody war causing hundreds of casualties and thousands of wounded people in addition to a disastrous humanitarian crisis for the Sudanese people.

Therefore, we, the political parties, organizations and movements of the International Peoples Assembly state the following:

We stand in solidarity with the Sudanese Communist Party, and we denounce the confiscation of its headquarters and targeted vandalism as well as the bloodbath committed by the warring military fractions.

We consider these acts of vandalism and terror against the Sudanese communist party as another crime against the masses of the Sudanese people and its democratic forces who reject the bloody war and struggle for peace and civil and democratic transition of power to the people of Sudan.

We call upon all democratic forces and the international community to denounce the assault against the Sudanese Communist Party as well as the bloody war and express solidarity with the revolutionary movements in Sudan and their aspiration for peace, democracy, and national sovereignty.

International Peoples Assembly

Arab and Maghreb Region