We mobilize for Assange’s freedom

Through his work as an editor at Wikileaks, Julian Assange reveal the crimes of U.S. imperialism. As punishment for defending and publishing the truth, Assange sits in jail in London with an extradition request to the United States where he could face up to 175 years in prison.

We invite organizations and activists focused on anti-imperialism, the struggle for truth, and press freedom to mobilize on October 7, 2022, at UK embassies and consulates around the world in order to build unity in our demand to free Assange. On October 8 at 1 pm (London time) we invite you to join an international Twitterstorm to demand the immediate and unconditional release of Julian Assange and to oppose his extradition to the United States. 

How do I join the October 7 mobilization? Join the delegation of people’s organizations, parliamentarians, and journalists who will pay an official visit to the British diplomatic representatives in their countries and deliver a letter calling for Assange’s release. Contact the IPA secretariat for more information: [email protected]. You can also sign our letter, via this form, which will be sent to the UK authorities to pressure them to free Assange.

How do I participate in the October 8 mobilization? On Saturday, October 8, at 1pm (London time), Julian Assange’s family will bring together 5,000 people in a human chain of solidarity to the English Parliament in order to t draw attention to the unjust detention of Assange. On this same date and time, we will engage in an international Twitterstorm to underscore the anti-imperialist struggle for the immediate release of Assange. Share your own message about why you fight to free Julian Assange with the hashtags #FreeAssangeNOW and #FreeAllPoliticalPrisioners. A tweet bank will be available on October 6 to facilitate everyone’s participation.

Where can you find more information and materials about the campaign? Visit the IPA website and follow IPA’s social media accounts to learn more about Assange’s case and his countless contributions to today’s anti-imperialist struggle. We have prepared graphic materials such as printable posters, social media graphics, and videos of our campaign. You can also listen to and share a song in honor of Assange’s freedom composed by Lawrence Phakathi of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA).

::

> Progressive leaders call on us president Biden to drop the charges against Assange

> Free Julian Assange! We stand against his extradition to the United States

> Julian Assange must be free!