People’s Feminism – #8M Campaign

On this International Women’s Day we celebrate People’s Feminism that connects the struggles of the past, present and future.

Women, especially poor women, black women, indigenous women, migrant women have led the struggles for the liberation of colonies, for the abolition of slavery, for the overthrow of monarchies and for the defeat of fascism, but they still continue to face oppression, marginalization and gender-based violence at the hands of the state and the capitalist system and also in the home.

The struggle against imperialism, against racism, colonialism and capitalism cannot be waged without the struggle against patriarchy and without the full participation and leadership of women. Working women of the world, unite!

From the historic roots of International Working Women’s Day and into the present and future, our calls for justice and solidarity remain urgent — women workers of the world, unite!

#8M #PeoplesFeminism