March 8: Defending the Lives and Territory of Palestinian Women

On this March 8th, International Women’s Struggle Day, we stand in solidarity and unite in the struggle with Palestinian women in defense of the life and territory of the Palestinian people, and to end the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The internationalist meaning of March 8th is demonstrated by our unity and solidarity: Until Palestine is free, no woman will be truly free!

Through a joint global feminist artistic action between the International Peoples’ Assembly (IPA), ALBA Movimentos, the Utopix collective, and the feminist media Capire, we launched today 44 posters from 17 countries in defense of Palestine and in honor of the struggle of Palestinian women. This international call for posters in solidarity with Palestinian women resulted in this gallery that shows how art is capable of strengthening solidarity and internationalist alliances.

Artists from Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, South Africa, Tunisia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, India, China, the Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, and Spain are participating.

The art promoted in this call represents, on the one hand, the violence against Palestinian women as a function of war and genocide promoted by Israel; on the other hand, it shows the strength of Palestinian women as a fundamental axis to resist and fight against Israeli colonialism and U.S. imperialism.

See some of the posters below. Visit the Utopix website to download the posters.