Millions of people in cities across the world will take to the streets today in a massive display of solidarity with the Palestinian people and in rejection of Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Hundreds of organizations are participating in the March 2 global day of action in response to Israel’s threat to intensify the genocide in Gaza to horrific new heights with an all-out invasion of Rafah on March 10.

In the last several months, over one million people fled to the southern city, previously designated as a safe zone. Now, they have nowhere else to go. An invasion of Rafah would mean a devastating loss of life. Already nearly the entire European Union, the United Nations, among other international bodies have sharply condemned Israel’s ultimatum and urged Israel to back down from its threats.

The call for mobilization was launched by the Palestinian Youth Movement, the International Peoples’ Assembly, Progressive International, ALBA Movimientos, Pan Africanism Today, La Via Campesina, World March of Women – Latin America, the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, and the International League of People’s Struggle, among others. The groups are demanding that Israel call off its planned invasion of Rafah, immediately stop its genocidal attacks on the Palestinian people, and end the 17+ year siege of Gaza, among others.

Around 100 protest actions have been confirmed in cities across the world, in the United States, Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa, El Salvador, Lebanon, Hawai’i, Morocco, Spain, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Canada, Sweden, and Japan.

“Organizations representing millions of working people from across the globe will be joining the March 2 day of action to show Netanyahu and Biden that they stand alone in their genocidal war on Gaza. From Indonesia to Puerto Rico, and Venezuela to Morocco, people will be taking the streets to ratify their support to the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation and to reject the zionist project of ethnic cleansing, forced displacement, and war. It’s time to join our voices even louder to say ‘Hands off Rafah!’ ‘Long live Palestine!’” said Stephanie Weatherbee Brito of the International Peoples’ Assembly.

Irvin Jim the General Secretary of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa said, “Israel and the United States have been backed into a corner. Last week, foreign ministers from 26 of 27 EU member states declared their rejection of the ongoing genocide and warned Israel against going ahead with the invasion of Rafah. These cracks in the western imperialist bloc are a result of the organizing and mobilizing by people across the world. Now is the time to keep the pressure on, and remind Biden, Netanyahu, and all the other war criminals that their days are numbered.”

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