Call for Art in Solidarity with Palestinian Struggle

The International Peoples’ Assembly urgently calls on artists across the world to make work that expresses our international solidarity with the strength, steadfastness, and resilience of the Palestinian struggle for the liberation of their land, the return of all displaced people, and the building of their independent, democratic and secular state.

The Palestinian struggle has confronted atrocities at a level impossible to express in a few numbers or words, but not only has the resistance movement continued to grow, it has also generated a tradition of art, literature, and culture that inspires and nourishes people in struggle against imperialism across the world.

This call is inspired by this tradition of cultural resistance and invites contributions from anti-imperialist experiences globally.

Posters will be exhibited on Nakba Day online, and will be available for exhibition elsewhere—contact us here if your art or community space is interested in exhibiting the work.

Submission Details:
Format: Submissions must be 11×17 inches with ¼ inch bleed on each side. Works must be submitted as PDFs.
Deadline: Friday, May 12