Workers of the World Unite Against Genocide in Palestine

Workers of the world will not labor in the name of a Palestinian genocide. To date, more than 30 000 people have been murdered in Gaza by the brutal Israeli regime with the support of the United States. This genocide must be stopped.

We condemn the most recent approval of $26 billion by the United States Senate to supply Israel with more arms which will be used to continue the slaughter in Palestine. We find it particularly heinous in the face of evidence of people being tied up, killed, and buried in mass graves on hospital grounds by IDF soldiers.

International Institutions’ Failure and the Role of Union Workers

International institutions have been unable to stop the brutal war against civilians and children, or to de-escalate what is now a regional conflict. As people in struggle who are familiar with the unceasing efforts at suppressing our right to resist, union workers are natural allies of the Palestinian people.

In the face of this global failure, we, as the International Labor Movement and as progressive people of the world, must take action.

We defend the right of people suffering oppression to resist and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their fight for liberation.

Solidarity and Call to Action on May Day

This May Day, workers of the world are called to declare their solidarity with Palestine, to denounce the Israeli Genocide, and to call for an end to all aggressions in the region and to all wars.

Beyond the call for a ceasefire we must say no to the transportation of arms and arms caches to Israel. Workers in all industries – especially workers in the transport sector – that can withhold their labor in order to halt the continued slaughter of the people of Palestine are emphatically called to do so!

Workers of the world, let’s join together for the liberation of Palestine and of all peoples. We can stop this genocide!

Supported by:

  • Movimento Brasil Popular – Brasil
  • CGT – Côte dIvoire
  • UCL London – France
  • Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG) – Ghana
  • Jamaica affairs – Ghana
  • S.M.G – Ghana
  • New Trade Union Initiative – India
  • Potere al Popolo! – Italy
  • Jocp – Jordan
  • International Strategy Center – Korea (the Republic of)
  • CNPM – México
  • Semilla Guinda – México
  • LAG – Noruega
  • AgitArte – Puerto Rico
  • FRAPP France dégage – Sénégal
  • AbahlalibaseMjondolo – South Africa
  • Numsa – South Africa
  • – South Africa
  • Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research – Sweden
  • UNIA – Switzerland
  • MVIWATA – Tanzania, United Republic of
  • New York University Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates
  • Socialist Party – Zambia