The Sudanese military forces, led by Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, carried out a military coup on October 25, 2021, according to which they decided to dissolve the Sovereign Council and the government, declare a state of emergency, and start implementing a new transitional situation in which the military institution is in complete command and control.

This coup comes in the midst of a political crisis that culminated in the intensification of the conflict between the two parts of the ruling body, the military and the civil sides, that formed the Sovereignty Council, which took power after the overthrow of the Bashir regime by a popular revolution (the glorious December 2018 revolution).

While the Sudanese people offered their lives to make a real change that guarantees peace, freedom and justice, the move of the military component is considered a circumvention of the political agreements that, from the first moment, contradict the revolutionary path and the aspirations of the Sudaneses and their revolutionary forces, including the Sudanese Communist Party.

As we are following with deep concern what is happening in Sudan, we the hereunder signed parties and organizations:

  • Condemn this blatant military coup that aims to monopolize the government and return to tyranny and oppression experienced by the peoples of Sudan and its ethnic, religious and cultural components.
  • Emphasize our absolute solidarity with the Sudanese people and its revolutionary political, social and civil forces that unite with the masses and lead a broad movement against the coup and the corrupt military junta, the descendant of Al-Bashir’s regime, which threw Sudan into the furnace of reactionary regional axes and normalized relations with the Zionist enemy and continued the same choices based on dependency, impoverishment and exploitation.
  • We reiterate our confidence in the free Sudanese people who has a strong experience in struggled against their bitter experiences with military coups. The great Sudanese people revolted against the dictator Ibrahim Abboud in October 1964, and revolted against the tyrant Jaafar al-Numeiri and Hassan al-Turabi, all the way to Omar al-Bashir and brought them all down the path to achieving their deep aspirations for liberation, national and social emancipation.
  • We call upon all the progressive forces in the world to support the Sudanese people and their revolutionary forces in the struggle for a free, democratic and just Sudan. We also call upon all freedom advocators to launch solidarity campaigns and act to put pressure on their regimes in order not to recognize the coup regime.


  1. Jordanian Democratic People’s Unity Party
  2. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  3. Lebanese Communist Party
  4. Jordanian Democratic People’s Party
  5. We can movement – Mauritania
  6. Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  7. Palestinian People’s Party
  8. Democratic Way Party – Morocco
  9. Socialist People’s Alliance Party – Egypt
  10. Workers’ Party – Tunisia
  11. Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders Gathering in Western Sahara CODESA
Support the People’s Uprising in Sudan

Trade unions and people’s movements have called for strikes and mass protests in response to the coup by the Sudanese military on Monday morning, October 25.

The International Peoples’ Assembly stands with the Sudanese Communist Party, trade unions and neighborhood resistance committees in the urgent call for international solidarity against the military coup.